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Dental Implants


Implants are a great option when a tooth is not restorable or has a poor prognosis requiring that the tooth be extracted. When replacement is needed, it is the closest thing possible to a natural tooth. 

Dental Implant FAQs

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a surgical post that is placed in the jawbone. It mimics the tooth’s roots. Once the implant is placed, Dr. Allen will mount the replacement tooth onto the implant. Dental implants are different than dentures, because the implants cannot come loose. 

How much do dental implants cost?

The price paid by a patient for dental implants varies depending on the type of implant, the involvement of the procedure and the patient’s insurance. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with the team at Autumn Dental. During that time, you’ll meet with Dr. Allen, talk about the procedure, and we’ll do a benefits check. We’ll go over exact cost for the treatment.

Does insurance cover dental implants?

Some insurance plans cover the cost of implants, and some do not. The Autumn Dental team can complete a complimentary benefits check if you’re considering implants so that you know exactly what your insurance provider will pay for and what portion of the costs will be your responsibility. 

How long do dental implants last?

With proper hygiene care and twice-yearly dental check-ups, implants can last a lifetime. 

Do dental implants hurt?

Getting dental implants has become a routine procedure and can be done with minimal to no pain. The majority of patients who get dental implants are back to work the same day. Many are surprised by the ease of the procedure. If you have questions about the implant procedure or recovery process, scheduling a free consultation to talk with Dr. Allen will answer all of your questions. 

Are dental implants safe?

Like any surgery, dental implant surgery does have some health risks. When completed by a trained doctor, problems are rare and when they do occur are usually minor and treated easily.