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Oral Health Impacts Overall Health

How Oral Health Impacts Overall Health

You might think that aesthetics are the main reason that your dental hygiene is important. However, having bad oral health can lead to more severe health issues than you may know.

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A Dentist’s Guide to Buying the Right Toothbrush

Dr. Colleen Allen, from Autumn Dental in Hendersonville, NC is here to help you sort through your options to find the best toothbrush for you!

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What to Expect at Your Dental Checkup and Why You Shouldn’t Skip it!

Your trip to Autumn Dental can be an easy and stress-free experience! In this post, receive a clear picture of what to expect at your regular check-up and the importance of keeping that twice-yearly appointment.  If this is your first appointment with Autumn Dental, you’ll want to have your medical history paperwork completed. You can access those forms here. This saves you time waiting in our office and allows us to get to know you …

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